Announcing the 2024 Plotnine Contest

plotnine contest 2024

We are excited to announce that the 2024 Plotnine Contest! Plotnine is a visualization library that brings the Layered Grammar of Graphics to Python.  This is the first plotnine event of its kind, and we can’t wait to see what the community makes!

No doubt you’ve felt the love for visualization that we have here. They serve as a fantastic means to communicate information, both quantitative and qualitative. This contest aims to highlight the many great ways people visualize data. Open-source data science works better when more people contribute, and we particularly appreciate this community’s openness and generosity in sharing the code and methods you use to create beautiful, useful plots.


Quick Summary



Contest Judging Criteria


Broadly, entries will be judged based on utility and beauty. Is your plot easy to read and comprehend? Is it a technically impressive, well-documented example? Does it demonstrate novel, useful elements of plot design? Is it aesthetically pleasing? We recognize that some plots may excel in one of these categories, with some in another (and some in all). We promise that the evaluation will keep this in mind.

We also realize our judging criteria are subjective. Therefore, Hassan Kibirige, the creator of plotnine, along with a panel of visualization wizards will help review this year’s submissions. 




To produce your final plot, every submission must include all the code, data, and processing steps, at least minimally documented. 

  • Code: A link to the repository or script that fully reproduces your submission. Please include any data used to produce the plot. 
  • Plot: Include your plot. If your submission includes many plots (e.g. it’s a multipart tutorial or article that includes many plots), please also link away to the full article. 
  • Documentation: Whether as code comments or via prose in something like a Quarto doc or Jupyter notebook, be sure to include an explanation of what you are doing, and how your code works. Comments may be minimal, but they should help a novice to plotnine understand how your code produces your final plot.

You can submit your entry for the contest by filling out the form at

 The form will generate a post on Plotnine’s GitHub discussions forum, which you can then edit further if you like. You may make multiple entries.

The deadline for submissions is July 12, 2024 at midnight.




  • Grand Prize – In addition to the prizes below, any number of Plotnine & Posit t-shirts, books, mugs, and other swag (worth up to $200). 
  • Runners Up – In addition to the prizes below, one year of Basic plan or one year of
  • Honorable Mentions – A larger-than-large helping of open source stickers plus a side of hex for plot-making packages (and other goodies).


Plotnine Gallery


Although competitions and contests are fun, if we’re honest the ultimate goal of this event is to motivate you to create and share with others great plotnine examples, along with tips & tricks to make great static plots. We intend to collect entries into a community gallery for the plotnine documentation website; showcasing you and your work, and helping others benefit from your generosity.


Looking for inspiration?