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Agile Soda logo

Seoul, South Korea


AgileSoDA provides integrated support for enterprise to internalize artificial intelligence technologies from analysis, forecasting modeling to system application based on Machine Learning.<br /> <br /> AgileSoDA 는 기업을 위한 머신러닝 기반의 분석, 예측 모델링부터 시스템 적용까지 기업에서 인공지능 기술을 내재화할 수 있도록 통합 지원합니다.<br /> <br /> AgileSoDA(opens in a new tab) provides industry-specific model packages, consulting services, and system application centering on ‘R and SparklingSoDA, our AI DevOps portal’, as a one-stop service. AgileSoDA is the first RStudio authorized reseller in Asia and covers Korea.<br /> <br /> R과 제품인 SparklingSoDA, 제품 AI DevOps Portal을 중심으로 산업별 모델 패키지, 컨설팅 서비스 및 시스템 애플리케이션을 한 번에 제공합니다. AgileSoDA는 한국을 대상으로하는 아시아 최초의 RStudio 공인 리셀러입니다.

Appsilon logo



Appsilon has developed some of the world's most advanced Shiny dashboards. That's why Fortune 500 companies all over the globe routinely approach Appsilon to build commercial Shiny apps. Appsilon is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the R Shiny framework and can step in at any phase of a Shiny project – from UX to enterprise scaling to code refactoring. Appsilon has a diverse team of software engineers with experience in many different technologies.<br /> <br /> Appsilon is also a pioneer in open source. Appsilon’s open-source R Shiny packages will help you develop more advanced Shiny apps by introducing new functions, speeding up debugging, and providing significantly improved UI elements. Their open-source packages are routinely used by employees at Global 2000 companies such as Ubisoft, Bank of America, and Renault. Above all, Apppsilon is committed to effecting positive change in the world. Through their AI for Good Initiative, they frequently contribute their skills to projects that support the preservation of human life and the conservation of animal populations all over the globe.

UK, Germany, Malta, Bulgaria, Portugal


With 20 years of experience in R, Ascent’s proven approach to driving transformative change with data science helps business like GSK, Swiss Reinsurance and London Heathrow Airport deliver value. The Ascent Data capabilities comprise Data Scientists (skilled in R and Python), BI specialists, Data Engineers and Data Architects. As founding members of the R Consortium and a long-standing Posit partner, Ascent has always been actively engaged with the R and data science communities, hosting influential events like EARL and LondonR for many years. Our outcome-focused approach is centred on effective digital and data transformation, aiming to assist organizations in becoming truly data-driven.<br /> <br /> Ascent’s mission is to embed data science into businesses, creating more informed, intelligent, efficient, engaging, and sustainable operations. We specialise in strengthening analytic capabilities, accelerating and de-risking data science initiatives, applying our expertise in engineering, software development and cloud infrastructure best practices.<br /> <br /> With a focus on performance and user experience, we develop analytic software with R and Python such as interactive web apps, machine learning models, MLOps systems, custom analytical and statistical toolsets. Our comprehensive services encompass high-quality code development, creating effective Data and Analytic Products, leadership through Strategic Roadmap Design, coaching and mentoring in open-source tooling, and applying statistical techniques to address business challenges in domains like insurance and life sciences. Ascent’s ultimate aim is to empower analytic teams, enhance processes, and increase productivity, ultimately advancing and productionising end-to-end analytic capabilities within businesses.

atorus logo

North America


Atorus Research was founded on the belief that an interplay of technology, people and processes are the drivers for solving solutions. Open-source languages such as R and the power they bring to data analytics in the life sciences community can shorten the pathway to drug development and approval. Atorus Research helps organizations on their journey to R by guiding you down the proper paths to explore, embrace, and ultimately embed R and the power of open-source tools within your teams. We deliver the answers to your questions to how to safely migrate existing processes and adopt new technologies, while remaining compliant within the regulatory environment.<br /> <br /> Our Partnership with RStudio brings together installations, validation and training with traceability in mind for our regulated industry. With a staff of highly experienced clinical analytics innovators who have in-depth knowledge of the clinical regulatory landscape we can develop, install, and most importantly, validate RStudio environments, R packages, and Shiny applications.<br /> <br /> Atorus Academy offers an on-line environment that includes training solutions and sample code with documentation to accelerate the education and retention of information in enterprise and individual settings. The trainings provided are designed to teach R programmers the in’s and out’s of the clinical data pipeline, as well as educate transitioning clinical SAS programmers on the techniques necessary to leverage R to its full potential

AXI logo

Belgium and the Netherlands


AXI, based in delivers analytics & insights by helping organizations end to end in their data challenges, from creating a clear data strategy, to designing the right data architecture, to building and supporting the right data and analytical platforms. AXI helps organizations to move to serious data science by delivering R & Python data products, and providing scalable collaboration platforms for these data driven apps, reproducible reports and API's.<br /> <br /> AXI is an independent ICT partner in Belgium and the Netherlands. We devise, develop and manage innovative software solutions for retail, government, semi-government, healthcare and companies from the trade, service and industry sectors.<br /> <br /> We invest in understanding the customer's business challenges, which enables us to use new insights, software and technologies in the best possible way. We work agile, together with the customer. We unburden our customers as much as possible with our managed cloud and infrastructure services.

Cropland Logo

Antwerp, Belgium


CROPLAND is a Belgian A.I. consultancy firm that combines data science expertise with sturdy business knowledge. By combining these two approaches, we are able to develop data science solutions (e.g., Shiny applications, API’s, decision models, and more), which boost our customers’ efficiency and strategic decision-making, resulting in real competitive advantage. <br /> <br /> Depending on your needs, we offer end-to-end data consultancy projects, remote data assistance where we support your team of data analysts, or on-premise or cloud installation and support for Posit products. Or, in case you’re ready to get started straight away, we can help you get started with, our own cloud-hosted RStudio Server Pro and Posit Connect environment. <br /> <br /> We believe in a customer-centric approach, deliver on our promises, and firmly believe that complex matters should be communicated in a clear and transparent way (we speak Dutch, French, and English).

Cynkra logo

Zürich, Switzerland


We are a Zurich-based data consulting company with a strong focus on R. We help public and private organizations to understand their data, organize their workflows, streamline their modeling and polish their data communication. We implement scripts, packages, and custom reports that are tailored to your needs and seamlessly interface with existing infrastructure. We also help you to set up your own customized R and RStudio infrastructure.<br /> <br /> We are enthusiastic about open source development. Members of our team are involved in the development of a large number of R packages. This provides our clients with expertise and access to a large community network. Databases are one of our core strengths, as well as machine learning and time series modeling.<br /> <br /> We also offer on-site consulting and workshops on R and the tidyverse all over Switzerland. From basic data handling to interactive visualization, our workshops cover most aspects of R. We provide courses in English, German and Swiss German.

EODA logo

Frankfurt, Germany


eoda is an IT company specialized in data science that offers consulting, implementation, procurement, and support for Posit products. Their services combine strategy and infrastructure consulting; identifying the right use cases and implementing the appropriate tools into your data science infrastructure. Additionally, eoda provides a unique training and qualification concept for R and Python as well as for the Posit professional products. Their interdisciplinary team offers a profound knowledge of business processes with a competent usage of suitable methods for data analysis to realize successful data science projects for their customers.

EPI Interactive logo

Wellington, New Zealand


Epi-interactive has been connecting data, science, and people since 2010, serving a wide range of clients around the world from our home base in New Zealand. We deliver quality insights for decision makers, improving outcomes in human, animal, and environmental health. Our team of technical experts, software engineers and UI/UX designers are passionate about making research findings and complex analytics both beautiful and accessible.<br /> <br /> We are known for our specialist R Shiny dashboards, that range from disease and risk modelling to exploring population-level data. While R is at the heart of what we do, we cover the full stack and work closely with you to streamline your data pipeline, link in relevant research, and move your outputs into production. Our level of engagement reaches from support, implementation and coding services, to fully managed solutions.<br /> <br /> We are proud to be the first RStudio Full Service Certified Partner in Oceania.

Genedata logo

Basel, Switzerland


Genedata Profiler empowers biopharma R&D teams to unlock actionable insights from translational and clinical research data, accelerating the development of precision medicine. Our collaborative platform serves as a single point of truth by providing full oversight and permission-based access to a variety of data from across different studies during drug development. Beyond the software, our experts offer IT support, data science, and consulting services to address customers’ technical and scientific challenges.<br /> <br /> The automated workflows in Genedata Profiler allow easy and efficient processing, integration, harmonization, and analysis of high-dimensional molecular and clinical data, in a fully traceable manner. Through seamless interoperability with analytical and visualization tools such as RStudio, our software streamlines procedures and provides users with a wide range of possible statistical approaches. <br /> <br /> <br /> Genedata Profiler - maximized value from translational and clinical research data.

Ixpantia Logo

San Jose, Costa Rica


At ixpantia our passionate and experienced data scientists and business consultants work with organizations around the world to empower them to innovate with a data-driven approach. From our headquarters in Latin America we support our customers and help their teams develop data products and deploy them to production.<br /> <br /> En ixpantia nuestro apasionado y experimentado equipo de científicos de datos y consultores de negocios trabaja con organizaciones alrededor del mundo para implementar estrategias de innovación basada en datos. Desde nuestras oficinas en Latinoamérica, damos soporte a nuestros clientes y ayudamos a sus equipos a desarrollar productos de datos y llevarlos a producción.<br /> <br /> ixpantia adds significant value to your data projects through our tailored services and highly skilled and empathetic team. We augment your team’s data science capabilities by accompanying them from project ideation to deployment. If needed, we help you to align data initiatives with overall strategy and guide you to prioritize data projects. We are fully certified to deploy data products on-site or in the cloud. Our end-goal is to have fully satisfied customers who are increasingly self-sufficient to continue their data journeys.<br /> <br /> ixpantia agrega valor a sus proyectos de datos a través de nuestros servicios personalizados con un equipo empático y altamente calificado. Potenciamos las capacidades de su equipo en ciencia de datos mediante nuestro acompañamiento desde la concepción de sus proyectos hasta su puesta en marcha. De ser necesario, ayudamos a alinear sus iniciativas de datos con su estrategia de negocio, así como a priorizar sus esfuerzos de datos. Estamos certificados para llevar sus productos de datos a producción localmente o en la nube. Nuestro objetivo final es tener clientes plenamente satisfechos que son cada vez más autosuficientes en sus iniciativas de datos.

Jumping Rivers logo

Newcastle, United Kingdom

Jumping Rivers

Jumping Rivers are experts in Posit deployment and infrastructure. Our team of data engineers can help you to make the most of your Posit installation, through licensing support, infrastructure maintenance, Posit product training, or through our managed platform, which takes all of the system management off your hands. Whether you need development or advice, our data engineers can help you build, manage, automate, deploy and scale your data science platforms. With our Posit Health Check, our team of specialists can check your configuration to optimise its setup, so you can make the most of your Posit products. We can also help you leverage your AWS account with SageMaker and Posit.<br /> <br /> As well as data engineering, Jumping Rivers will enable you to realise the full potential and value of your data by providing consultancy and training. Our team have an excellent technical and statistical background with experience in a range of sectors, working with small start-ups to large multinational companies and world-class universities alike. Our consultancy team have extensive capabilities in a variety of data science technologies including R, Python, Tensorflow, Scala, Spark and Docker. We also offer training services tailored to your organisation, assisting teams in acquiring the necessary R, Python, SQL and statistics knowledge to fully utilise data to inform critical decisions.

Lander Analytics Logo

New York City, United States

Lander Analytics

Lander Analytics is a full-service data science firm based in New York City that empower clients across all industries to unlock their data’s potential through artificial intelligence and machine learning. We help organizations take the guesswork out of their decisions to drive their work to the next level.<br /> <br /> Led by Chief Data Scientist Jared Lander, our team is a diverse community of elite data scientists, statisticians, visual designers, hackers, published authors, professors, keynote speakers and management consultants. We are united by our shared talent and passion for rigorous data science that we leverage to meet real world challenges. Collectively, Lander Analytics is a recognized leader in the open source data community, hosting events like the popular annual New York R Conference in New York City and offering consulting, advisory and training services.

ProCogia logo

North America and India


ProCogia is the first full service partner to deploy RStudio infrastructure as code using all popular cloud automation technologies. Our consulting capability also extends to building, deploying, and supporting scalable data science solutions for our clients.<br /> <br /> ProCogia is based out of Seattle, WA and covers clients in North America for RStudio. We are passionate about developing data-driven solutions that provide highly informed answers to your most critical questions. Reach us at or +1 (425) 230-7396 for a free consultation!

Solita logo

Stockholm, Sweden


Solita is a community of highly and widely skilled experts geared for impact and customer value. Our unique service portfolio seamlessly combines expertise from strategic consulting to service design, software development, data science, cloud, and integration services. We have a long history of helping our clients succeed in the field of analytics and data science.<br /> <br /> We are a fast growing community of over 1,100 experts in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Belgium, and Germany. Our primary goal is creating impact that lasts, and we have the tech, the data, and the insight to do just that.

Tecnisys logo

São Paulo, Brazil


With over 27 years of IT experience, Tecnisys empowers organizations to explore the value of their data and make the best data-driven decisions. We are proud to be the first RStudio Certified Reseller in Brazil.<br /> <br /> Com mais de 27 anos de experiência em TI, a Tecnisys capacita as organizações a explorarem o valor de seus dados e tomarem as melhores decisões baseadas em dados. Temos orgulho de ser o primeiro Revendedor Certificado da RStudio no Brasil.<br /> <br /> Tecnisys provides support, training and consulting services for Big Data and Data Science solutions. Our expert team is fully qualified for delivered tailored services for R ecosystem, since infrastructure, for all RStudio products, until development and data visualization with Shiny and Big Data integration.<br /> <br /> A Tecnisys fornece suporte, treinamento e serviços de consultoria para soluções de Big Data e Data Science. Nossa equipe de especialistas é totalmente qualificada para fornecer serviços sob medida para o ecossistema R, desde infraestrutura, para todos os produtos RStudio, até desenvolvimento e visualização de dados com integração Shiny e Big Data.

ThinkR logo

Paris, France


ThinkR. Because we think R, we breathe R, we dream R… We are specialized in this language and our offer is focused on two main activities: consulting and training in all business sectors.<br /> <br /> ThinkR. Parce que nous pensons que R, nous respirons R, nous rêvons R … Nous sommes spécialisés dans cette langue et notre offre se concentre sur deux activités principales: le conseil et la formation dans tous les secteurs d’activité.<br /> <br /> Our consulting services consist of selling R as a reliable open source solution for data science, deploying it, carrying out developments (packages, SAS to R migrations, analyses) and interfacing them with end users (Shiny apps, Connect). We bring together and reconcile IT departments and data operators through a DataOps strategy. In 2018, ThinkR trained nearly 700 people in R.<br /> <br /> Nos services de conseil consistent à vendre R en tant que solution open source fiable pour la science des données, à la déployer, à effectuer des développements (packages, migrations SAS vers R, analyses) et à les mettre en interface avec les utilisateurs finaux (Shiny apps, Connect). Nous réunissons et rapprochons les services informatiques et les opérateurs de données via une stratégie DataOps. En 2018, ThinkR a formé près de 700 personnes dans R.

Posit’s Community Consultant and Training Directory

Our Certified Partner program addresses a pressing need for service providers with deep knowledge of Posit products, but we recognize a broader need for a community of professional services around R, not necessarily affiliated with Posit. To accommodate this, we have created an instructor training and certification program. You can find a certified instructor on our education site.

You can also visit our Community Consultant Directory. If you would like to be listed in it, please follow these instructions.